Hey Dev! Getting paid by US companies?

Get your USD payments in your Higlobe account.For you or your company.


Keep your balance in dollars, withdraw to your local bank, any time.


Transfers are made via ACH, which are faster and safer. No more waiting 2 days to receive your salary.


You know that fear of delays and losses? At Higlobe, we guarantee that your money will always reach your account.

No fee transfers from the US

How to use Higlobe as your payment method?

Follow the 3 steps below and learn how Higlobe can become your payment method.
Open your account

For Individuals or Sole proprietors. It only takes 5minutes.

Share your account details

Share your US bank account with the company paying you.

Receive your salary

Add your account banking in EU and make withdrawals via Pix orTED.

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