Higlobe Pro

Built for professionals

US bank account
Get your own account number and ABA (routing number)where you can receive ACH and Wire Transfers from USclients.The account is limited to the receipt of professional andbusiness payments only
Local bank transfer
You can transfer USD to your local bank in Brazil or Mexico
Money in minutes guarantee
The vast majority of funds are delivered in minutes 24x7. See more
No limits
Send as much as you want
Safety warranties
Up to $20,000. See more
US Debit card
Local gift card
USD international prepaid card
Your US account expenditure is kept private under US law
Brazilian taxes
You are responsible for the declaration of your taxes under Brazilian law (pls consult your tax advisor)
US taxes
You are not liable for US taxes (pls consult your tax advisor)
Account manager
Yes, we value your business
Security, governance
See our security page, download our audit
Least expensive guarantee (Brazil)
If you have a less expensive offer we will match it
Business and consumers entities
Sign up for a personal or business account (or both)
Multi-user accounts
Great for businesses who need to give access to their accountant. Coming soon
Send dollar funds to others via Higlobe
Coming soon
Take funds out in digital currencies
Coming soon
Send dollars to anyone
Coming soon

No fee transfers from the US