How to use Higlobe

Global payments built for professionals and small businesses.

Sign up

You will get your own US receiving account to get paid like a US resident

Share your account details

Easily share your US account number and routing number to your employer, client or payor. Your employer transfers your funds via ACH.

Get paid

Dollars appear in your Higlobe account.


Authorize the sum you want to take home. Your money will be in your local account in minutes.

One Higlobe account, many uses

Transfer funds to your local currency

Withdraw to your local bank account whenever you want.

Spend in the USA

Transfer dollars to a virtual prepaid card to spend in USA.

Spend anywhere

Transfer dollars to a prepaid card to spend at home or anywhere in the world.

Earn interest (coming soon)

Transfer dollars to a savings account and earn interest.

Send money

Transfer dollars to other Higlobe users.

Why use Higlobe?

No volume limits
Unlimited monthly transfers
Dedicated Account Manager
You’re in control
$20,000 no-loss warranty

Built for professionals