Are you a US company that pays overseas

Sign up your overseas community to get Higlobe USD accounts with the lowest  cost guaranteed.

Higlobe Pro

Built for professionals.
Companies pay nothing

That’s right, it’s free.

Instant setup

No API integration needed. Use your existing accounting tools

As simple as A-C-H

Employees share their Higlobe account information as if they were US contractor.

Lowest cost guarantee

Your community will love you.

Money in minutes 24/7

No more mystery about when payments will show up.

No account to pre fund

Your accountant will love this!

Get your overseas community a US account

Each individual or business will get a free USD account, into which you can pay them via ACH, just as simply as you would pay any US contractor.

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Compatible with your HRIS systems

Higlobe makes an excellent complement. Your international partners just enter their Higlobe USD account.

Your overseas community will love you!

  1. $20,000 loss warranty
  2. No volume limit
  3. Lowest cost guarantee on exchange rate
  4. Money in minutes guarantee 24x7

Get your community 2%  cash-back.  Sign up for Higlobe’s group plan.

Common questions

Are you paying out through an HR solution such as Deel, Gusto, Rippling, Trinet, ADP or a similar PEO or HR payment platform?
Has your community complained about the high fees they have to pay, when you pay them through Payoneer, Paypal, Wise or traditional banks?

Built for professionals