How to instantly withdraw money to your local account?

Open a Higlobe account to receive your payments from US companies and make instant withdrawals to your local bank account.

Open your Higlobe account

It takes less than 5 minutes to open your Higlobe account. It's simple and fast.
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Add your local bank details

Easily add an account number from your preferred local bank.
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Get paid

Send your account details to the company that pays you. Are you using a HRIS platform such as Gusto, Rippling or Deel?
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Withdraw instantly with the best FX rate

The money will hit your account in minutes!
  • No maintenance fee
  • No subscription fee
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Instant withdrawals!

Common questions

How can I receive my USD payments with Higlobe?
How much does it cost to withdraw money to my local account?
How long does it take for the withdrawal to be executed?
Can I withdraw money on weekends?
Can I withdraw only a part of my balance?

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