What is the lowest cost guarantee?

If you find a less expensive offer, we will match the offer and guarantee the lowest cost of the market.

Who's eligible for the guarantee?

Higlobe users with one or more valid transfers, that costs less than our total offer.

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What do we match?

We consider the total cost of your offer, so it includes:

  • Any spread on the fx.
  • Any fixed fees.
  • Any other fees added to the transfer.
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How will you receive the reimbursement?

Each month, you will be credited –specifically, the difference in total cost between our platform and your current transfer service – directly to your Higlobe account.

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How it works

It takes only 3 steps to take advantage of this guarantee.

Send us an email

Send us an email at [email protected] with your current offer.

Wait for the approval

Our team will be reviewing
your documentation.

Get your refund

We will match the offer you've

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