Introducing: Higlobe’s new product navigation

Jess Smith

We’ve updated our interface to include left navigation and a reworked user profile so customers can more efficiently use our interface as we scale our product.

Streamlined and scalable:

Higlobe has had some work done and we aren’t ashamed. We’ve reorganized our interface for a better user experience. While we keep adding features and improving our product, our goal is to keep actions and info organized and intuitive so users can easily move throughout our product. No matter your device, we have created a scalable and responsive solution to keep giving you cool stuff.

New left navigation

We’ve restructured our product categories to simplify locating and performing important everyday actions.


  • Pay and transfer: Easily send your funds to a local bank account, a Bitso account, a prepaid card, or a fellow Higlober.
  • Get Paid: Send your client a payment link to ensure you get paid for your work!
  • Transactions: Access your transaction status and history, search past transactions, and download statements.
  • Card offerings: Take advantage of our multiple card offerings for spending your Higlobe funds in a way that works for you.
  • Referrals: In case you forgot, Higlobe is better when you share with your friends and colleagues. Easily create sharable links or send messages with referrals and get cashback in your account when recipients join.

New profile navigation

Easily reference your profile details and settings in our top-right dropdown. View personal and business information, and security settings, and view or edit connected transfer accounts. Each item has a dedicated page for better organization. And it’s located right next to a handy link to chat with a customer service representative.

Constant and consistent

Our goal is to continuously enhance your Higlobe experience while delivering you the product you deserve. We will be adding new features and refining our current products and services regularly so make sure to follow us to stay up to date. Thank you for joining us on this journey as our valued partner.

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