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How to connect your Higlobe account to Deel

Samyra Ramos

How to connect your Higlobe account to Deel for easy withdrawals

Remote opportunities and freelancing gigs are here to stay. That’s why being able to enjoy cross-border payments through the platforms of your choice should never be a problem. Deel is one of the most popular international payment platforms for global businesses and remote employees. If you’re a Deel user and you’re looking for an easy way to get paid quickly from your client or employer in the US, without having to lose money on transaction fees, then Higlobe is the perfect solution for you. In this brief article, we’ll walk you through how to connect your Higlobe account to Deel!

How to get paid on Deel?

Deel is a platform that helps businesses hire and pay international remote workers and freelancers. Once you’ve created an account and completed your profile, you’ll be able to get paid directly through the platform.

Deel provides various payment methods for contractors, freelancers, and remote workers, including bank transfers and ACH payments.

In Deel, you can set up and connect your preferred payment method to your Deel account.

What is the best way to receive payment from Deel?

If you’re based in a country like Mexico and working for a US company (either as a freelancer or employee), you know what it feels like to lose money on transactions every time you get paid.That’s why international freelancers, remote workers, and employees are turning to platforms like Higlobe to save on transaction fees. Higlobe currently offers professionals and businesses in Mexico, Brazil, and the Philippines the advantage of opening their Higlobe USD account (aUS receiving account) to enjoy free, instant transfers from the USA.Now, you can connect your Higlobe account (including all the benefits that come with it) to your Deel account and save money on your next transaction!

How can I connect my Higlobe account to Deel?

With Deel, freelancers and remote workers have the ability to connect their accounts to platforms like Payoneer, Wise, and Paypal for a fee. They also have the option of being paid directly to their local bank account. Remember, all these payment methods come at a cost.The great news is that with a Higlobe USD account, you no longer have to face high transaction fees for the work you have done. Here, we’ll share with you the steps you can take to connect your Higlobe account to your Deel account. It’s quick and easy!

1. In your Deel dashboard, go to your menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen and select ‘’Withdrawal Methods.’

Deel menu

2. Then, click on ‘’Add Method’’ to start setting up your preferred method of payment.

Withdrawal Methods

3. Next, click on the ‘’Bank Transfer’’ option to add a new withdrawal method

Deel screenshots, select a withdraw method

4. After selecting ‘’Bank Transfer’’ you’ll be prompted to choose the ‘’AccountType’’. Select either ‘’Personal’’ or ‘’Business.’’

5. Next, add your account details. The country of the recipient’s bank will be theUnited States and the currency should be set to USD - US Dollar thanks to your Higlobe USD bank account. Before you proceed to enter your account details, make sure you have select ‘’ACH.’

Higlobe screenshots enter account details

6. When you get to the account details stage, add in the full name of the accountholder, your ACH routing number, account number, and account type.Remember, you can find this information in your Higlobe account by clicking on‘’Share account details’’ in your Higlobe dashboard to reveal your ACH information and billing address details.

Deel Screenshots add a new withdrawal method

7. Lastly, add your billing address information and click on ‘’Add.’’ Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be able to toggle this method as your preferred method of withdrawal.

Deel screenshots, Billing address information

Connect your Deel account to your Higlobe account and watch the magic happen!

The process of getting paid into your Higlobe USD through your Deel account while living outside the United States is just like getting paid while living within the UnitedStates. You get your own US receiving account, having the advantage of earning and saving in US dollars. Plus, you can easily withdraw your money into your local currency and directly to your local bank account without paying transaction fees. It’s a straightforward, fast and easy process!

How to earn US dollars with Higlobe

You may already know how to put yourself out there and land the best jobs and projects. But, making sure you’re set up to get paid without falling victim to high transaction fees and commissions is just as important! With Higlobe’s easy-to-use platform, international workers, freelancers, contractors, and businesses doing work with clients based in the United States, can easily earn, save, and withdraw money in US dollars through their preferred platforms like Deel.

With Higlobe you get a US-receiving bank account and can receive payments via ACH transfer for business use only. That way, you can get paid as if you were a US resident. Once the money arrives in your US account, you can make withdrawals to your local bank account at any time.

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