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Best places to work from when tired of home office

Samyra Ramos

Working from home (home office) has become the preferred environment for many workers out there: more working hour flexibility, no traffic jams, and more autonomy throughout the day. However, there can be many distractions when you work where you live and share moments with your family. In this article, we give you some ideas on different places you can work at if you're tired of the home office.

Search for a nice coworking space

A coworking space can be defined as a business model where you can work independently or in a collaborative office. You can rent a specific space if you are a self-employed person, or an entire room if you're running a small company. These workspaces provide basic necessities from wi-fi and printers up to private meeting rooms and shared spaces like kitchens, coffee bars and more.

So, what are the benefits of coworking? Coworking spaces have loads of benefits for freelancers and remote workers alike. Working in a coworking space offers you flexibility and increases your networking opportunities, since you’ll be surrounded by other people and companies. This type of initiative is important for some startups that seek a place to build their product and also for some freelancers and remote employees who want to stop working at the same place they sleep or spend time with family.

Coworking spaces provide incredible opportunities for networking where individuals are able to learn from others, share ideas and even find potential clients. At a coworking space you can have interaction with other people, meet new people over a cup of coffee and plan a happy hour after the working day is done. You can also have the autonomy to choose when you go to your office and when you feel like working from home. Some of the most famous coworking spaces are: Impact hub, WeWork, Alley and Knotel. If you can't find any of these companies in your city, check for some other coworking spaces, because there's probably a suitable option available for you. And if you want to improve your routine while working remotely, check our article on 5 tips to optimize your remote work routine.

Visit the local library in your city

Searching for a quiet desk to get more work done? As old-fashioned as some may think it is, a library can be the perfect place for you to work if you need to get more focused on a specific assignment or task you aim to complete. Here, you will find other people working, studying and reading, being the perfect opportunity for one to concentrate in a quiet space. Plus, many libraries are available for free, as some others have good prices for coworking spaces. Simply search for the best options in your city. Libraries also offer you free wi-fi and options to use printers. Of course, what’s a library without books? You can access both physical and digital books and resources to search for information. Libraries also host workshops and business clinics meaning you can learn and get involved in other activities while working there.

But remember, libraries have to be extremely quiet. In case you have frequent video calls or need to solve problems on the phone, it's not the best place to be. Check out some of these library rules and whether they’ll allow you to bring food and coffee to desks.

Turn a coffee shop into your workspace

Coffee shops are also nice places to go when you want to have a change in your daily working routine. Working in a coffee shop usually offers you a stable internet connection and the opportunity to grab snacks and coffee while you're working. Many other remote workers like to have coffee shops as their go-to working places.

Even though it is very common to see people taking their laptops to these places, don’t forget that coffee shops are still public places. Be aware that you might experience noisy moments during peak hours. So, if you feel like changing your daily routine, consider some local coffee shops in your city to find out whether working at this type of place is the right fit for you.

Boost your creativity by working at a museum

Many museums offer a great wi-fi connection, so working from these types of places has become an option for some remote workers and students. In museums you can also find coffee shops to have a snack and some seating areas to relax during the day.

During weekdays museums are less crowded, so going to these places during the weekends might be complicated. You can enjoy the historic and artistic atmosphere of a museum to help you get more creative if your job needs a lot of inspiration. This can be very helpful for designers, writers, marketing experts and front-end developers.

Some research shows that working with some background noise can improve your performance. They claim that we use our senses to connect and perceive the world around us. Everything that we might get in touch with is surrounded by noise, so it means that it's become part of our life and we must find solutions to work with that. People think that noise is always bad and that it interferes with our concentration, but moderated noisy environments can perform well with creative tasks, says researcher Ravi Mehta. The sound of a song or voices around you can make you feel more productive. But it also depends on the type of work you're trying to do and how comfortable moderate noise makes you feel.

If you don't like leaving your home to work, but could use a little extra source of concentration, find websites with background noises! They actually exist! It could be the right strategy for you to improve your performance while working from home. If noise isn’t an issue for you, but getting paid internationally is, then using Higlobe is your best bet. With Higlobe you now have the freedom to enjoy the best, cheapest and most efficient payment solution so you can focus on what’s most important for you. Sign up for Higlobe today!

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