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5 tips to optimize your remote work routine

Samyra Ramos

Having trouble organizing your remote work routine? Routine organization, dynamism, family time, greater autonomy for decisions are some of the benefits found by those who seek to work remotely. Check out some tips that can help you optimize work at home and still have time to enjoy family moments and have a healthier lifestyle.

As much as we think remote work has many advantages, many people face challenges organizing the routine of working from home. Some of the difficulties they encounter are the lack of operating time to finish tasks, different time zones, the lack of an adequate environment to carry out the work, among others.

If you are facing some of these difficulties mentioned above, or if you want to improve your remote work practices, here are some tips that can help you solve these problems and optimize your productivity.

1. Have an organized schedule

Platforms like Asana, Trello, and can be used for a more organized and productive routine. Setting goals, meeting deadlines and seeing everything that was planned for the day be executed is important not only for your company, but also for you to feel fulfilled after a long day at work.

In addition, these platforms can help you regulate your working hours and prevent your workload from being exceeded. By doing this, you dodge one of the biggest fears of remote work: working around the clock without set hours.

An organized schedule enables both productivity as well as wellbeing by helping remote workers tackle daily tasks effectively without running the risk of burnout.

2. Define a workplace

Who has never thought that working remotely is just carrying the computer to the beach and having complete freedom to work anywhere? If that's what you thought, you got it wrong. Working remotely provides more autonomy, but it requires more organization and discipline. To accomplish this, it is essential that you create the right workspace. Invest in quality chairs, air conditioning and anything that can make you more effective at work. Believe us, investing in an appropriate workspace can help you directly improve your productivity. Read this short article from Forbes if you’re interested in designing your own workspace.

Avoid leaving your desk in your bedroom, and only use that space for what it is supposed to be: your bedroom. Your brain needs to be able to relate your bedroom to sleep and connect a different space to work.

If you don't have enough space at home to have your place of work, look for coworking spaces in your city. Just by paying a little extra, you will have a comfortable place that is designed for work, so that when you get home, you get the sense that your working hours are over.

3. Set break time

Breaks at work are essential, but when working remotely, they need to be even more planned. To facilitate your organization of breaks, an interesting technique is the Pomodoro Technique.

This technique allows you to have better time management. If you choose a task in your sprint that will take, on average, 3 hours to complete, you can subdivide that task into smaller parts, focusing on each one exclusively for 40 minutes and taking 10 minutes of rest. Simply, repeat this action until the task is finished.

4. Distance yourself from what can be a distraction

In June 2020, according to Statista, over 60% of Americans working from home said that social media was their main distraction. Kids, partners and family members also made the list. When you work from home, sometimes people that live with you can have a hard time understanding your work routine. Try to talk to the people who live with you and set the right expectations about how you intend to work and what you will require from them to help you be successful working at home.

5. Look for hobbies to avoid a sedentary life

One of the biggest problems when working from home is the decrease in direct contact with other people. Those who work remotely usually do so to have more autonomy in their schedules, avoiding spending long hours in traffic, for example.

However, it is extremely important that you find pleasurable activities that motivate you to change your environment and avoid a sedentary life. Dance classes, gym, and sports are habits that deserve to be included in your schedule. Having hobbies as a remote worker brings about a great deal of benefits. Exercising these activities weekly will improve your physical and mental health and keep you productive overall.

These were a few tips to optimize your remote work routine. Go ahead and consider them to help you understand more about yourself and what activities excite you. We hope this article helps you with the organization of your work routine and also with some strategies to have a healthier lifestyle when working remotely. Sign up for Higlobe today!

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