Our mission

We will move the world’s money instantly and at no cost

Unlimited transfers from the U.S. with the lowest cost guaranteed.

About Higlobe

Founded in 2020
Team members in 11 countries
USA registered MSB

How it started

Twenty years ago Teymour led Google’s expansion in Europe and experienced firsthand the loss of 2% or more in every payment due to transaction fees.

Later as CMO at Spotify, Teymour found himself making even more global payouts with high fees.

Meanwhile, Jeff pointed out how difficult it was to pay overseas employees and freelancers for the engineering work he needed to get done.

Together they founded Higlobe.

We’ve paid the same fees

So we built a no transaction fee solution to help you save money.

Partners and investors

Lowest cost guarantee

Get paid by your clients, employers, and business partners in the USA.


Our commitment


As your partner, Higlobe commits to maintain the highest standards of integrity.


We love our global employees and community. We’re committed to creating an environment where all of our employees can bring their full, authentic selves to work every day.


We contract third party auditors to hold us to industry standards and we have attestation reports demonstrating our commitment to this.

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