Expanding opportunities: Freelancing as a designer for a US company

Eduardo Gonzalez

How working internationally has helped advance my career while giving new perspective.

Hi, I’m Eduardo, a brand designer at Higlobe based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Not only do I work full-time for Higlobe, but I also have years of experience freelancing for US companies.

My favorite part of working for international companies is sharing my perspective with people from different cultures and learning about realities beyond Mexico. Having opportunities outside of my local network allows me to grow both as a professional and a human being, and I don’t have to leave my city.

Of course, with the benefits come challenges. Not only is the quality of work you deliver important but so are the administrative skills. These include scheduling meetings in different time zones, communicating in another language, understanding different cultural expectations, and, of course, how to get paid across borders.

I consider getting paid to be the biggest challenge when transitioning from national to international projects. The issue of getting paid for my work is sometimes one that I don’t even think about until it’s time to receive payment. Initially, you are faced with service fees, and you start to think about exchange rates, not to mention how long it can take to receive your money.

Knowing how to get internationally paid is an administrative and economic challenge that can undoubtedly become a reality check and a point that can disrupt the opportunities that working with an American client implies. Therefore, finding a payment ally is a game-changer.

While there are obstacles when working for clients in the USA, they are far outweighed by the rewards. To be honest, the opportunity to work for an international company can transform your life. And getting paid with Higlobe makes that opportunity to be easier and obtainable.

Edu is a multi-disciplinary visual brand designer located in Mexico. From illustration and layouts to motion and video, Edu helps bring our brand to life. Follow our social media channels to see some of Edu's work for Higlobe.

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