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We will move the world’s money instantly and at no cost

Global payments without transaction fees.

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About Higlobe

Founded in 2020
Available now in Mexico and Brazil.
Team members in 8 countries around the world.

At Higlobe, we are just like you

At Higlobe, we are just like you

We’re a team of international individuals who have spent years losing money in transaction fees.

From Buenos Aires to Bucharest, San Francisco to São Paulo, and everywhere in between we’ve lived and worked all over the world.

We’re ready to take back our hard-earned money and free ourselves from complicated transaction fees. Higlobe is our solution.

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Saving with subscriptions

Saving with subscriptions

In the early 2000s when Teymour was leading Google's expansion in Europe he noticed 2% or more would be missing from every payment due to global transfer fees. Later as CMO at Spotify, it became clear to him that subscriptions as a business model was the future. Finally, when Teymour was at Xapo (at the time the world's largest bitcoin custodian) he realized that stablecoin was ideally suited for instant settlement. Meanwhile in conversation with Teymour, Jeff pointed out how difficult it was to pay overseas employees and freelancers for the engineering work he needed to get done.

Eventually they decided to start Higlobe together.

happy woman with 2 checkboxes, create invoice and payment processed

Global payments without transaction fees

Get paid by your clients, employers, and business partners in the USA.

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Our commitment

Business ethics

Higlobe is committed to maintaining the highest possible standard of integrity and ethical behavior. The company expects its employees to act lawfully, ethically and honestly at all times. We endeavor to conduct business in a competent, fair, impartial, and efficient manner.


At Higlobe, we believe in fostering an environment where all of our employees feel empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work every day.

As a global company and team we strive to reflect the communities we serve. We are committed to recognizing employees' various backgrounds and differences and to establishing an open, inclusive, and diverse workplace.

Receive your freelancer salary from U.S. based clients without transaction fees

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