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Get paid into your Higlobe USD account. Free transfers, instant money withdrawals from the USA for professionals and businesses in
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For professionals and businesses in MX, BR, PH.

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How it works

Get paid into your Higlobe account in the USA   

  1. Transfer to your local bank when you want
  2. No transfer fee from the US
  3. Guaranteed money in minutes 24x7
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Transfer from your Higlobe account to payment cards

  • Spend locally with these cards
  • Spend internationally

Plans for professionals

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$24,000/year free transfer
Money in minutes warranty
$5,000 loss warranty
Higlobe standard support


$4.99 / mo
Up to $120,000/year
Money in minutes warranty
$10,000 loss warranty
Dedicated account manager


$9.99 / mo
Unlimited transfers
Money in minutes warranty
$20,000 loss warranty
Dedicated account manager
Multi-user (coming soon)

Competitive exchange rate

We aim to provide one of the best three exchange rates for this type of service in your country.

Money in minutes warranty

We will always deliver your balance from Higlobe.

No one else offers these plans or warranties

SOC 2 Type 2

Enterprise-grade security

Higlobe is the only SOC 2-compliant platform delivering instant global transfers.

Does your provider have these credentials?

If not, you should ask why and make the switch to Higlobe.

Used by informed professionals

Bernardo Loce

very easy to use and very reliable

very easy to use and very reliable, the money does arrive very quickly and without commissions
Alberto Garza

Best way to receive your payments!

Great new platform for freelancers or small businesses to receive payments from USA clients. - small monthly fee, avoid extra commissions, have your own account in USA
Magaly Costa

Sistema prático e ágil.

Tive uma ótima experiência com o serviço. A opção de pagamento via pix torna todo o processo muito máis prático e rápido. A tranferência também acontece quase que instantaneamente.
Hevlla Oliveira

Great product to quickly transfer your money

The platform is very intuitive and the transfer, in addition to being fast, can be performed several times. Excellent product

Facil y Rapido

Producto fácil de usar, transacciones procesadas rápidamente.

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No fee transfers from the US

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Higlobe is the least expensive service
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*Estimated cost excluding the exchange rate and considering 2 transfers per month. Updated on June 7th, 2023.